Hello, I'm Anthony
A Computer Engineer

Majoring in Computer Engineering BSEG at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Focused on Embedded System Design, Digital Electronic Design, and Software Engineering. Interested in incorperating embedded systems in new and innovative ways.

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GPS-Denied Robot Swarm Exploration

Jan 2023 - Present

Working on a team of 4 with Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering backrounds we utilize our specialities to get our goals done. helped in organizing roles that would benefit the skillset and passion of each member. Leading the hardware-software interface part of the project, developing firmware with 32-bit cortex-m microcontrollers in C and FreeRTOS development utilizing serial protocols like UART, SPI and I2C. Working on RSSI based GPS-Denied localization to optimize a swarm robot algorithm to maximize distance while preventing loss of connection requiring only signal strength and IMU, introduced creating a custom simulation software in C# to optimize the algorithm development and testing process

  • STM32
  • Embedded C
  • RF

SLAM Mobile Robot with ROS

Aug 2022 - Dec 2022

Assembled and documented mobile robot design through a single board computer running ubuntu and ROS, interfaced with LiDAR and applied SLAM to map out environment. C++ and Python robotics software development to interface with ROS modules which helps reusability and debugging

  • ROS
  • Ubuntu
  • Bash

FREERTOS Avoidence Mini Vehical

June 2022 - July 2022

Designed Miniature vehicle to, read distance sensor data, and send PWM signals for motor control concurrency without delays. Embedded C 32bit ARM Cortex-M firmware development with Real Time Operating System. Utilizing tools like Oscilloscope and digital analyzer for serial communication and PWM debugging

  • FreeRTOS
  • STM32

Bluetooth Controlled mini-Vehical

March 2022

Using 8-bit AVR bare metal microcontroller and communiticating to a bluetooth Module with UART to recieve inputs, and PWM motor control

  • 8-Bit
  • Bluetooth

Timer555 Piano

December 2021

Electric Piano utilizing a Timer555 that utilizes resisters to calculate frequencies to play the proper pitches

  • Frequency
  • Electronics

Technical Skills

I have successfully contributed to many projects and acquired a diverse range of skills pertinent to the field of Computer Engineering.

  • C

    Embedded C

    Experience with
    8bit and 32bit Microcontroller firmware development in Embedded C. Utilizing debugger during devopment.

  • Logo


    Expirience with
    FreeRTOS and Ti-RTOS

  • Logo

    Serial Communication

    Expirience with
    UART/USART, SPI, and I2C

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    Expirience with
    Working with ROS modules and ROS nodes, with C++ and Python ROS development.

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    Digital Design

    Expirience with
    Digital Design with Verilog, SV and VHDL for FPGA development.

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    Circuit Design and Analysis

    Expirience with
    Circuit design and analysis with Spice tools, osciliscopes, wave generators, digital analyzers and more.

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